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Playing on a Tekkit server brings Minecraft to a whole new level like you’ve never played before. A ludicrous variety of technology and magic is available for you to build and destroy, create and renovate the Minecraft world as you see it. Why should a game so fantastic and so unlimited be brought down by laggy non Australian servers and co-players who aren’t even awake? Join our Australian Tekkit servers for a supreme experience tailored to your needs. We’re based in Australia, so if you’re in the area, join our growing community and Tekkit like you mean it.

Why Use the Australian Tekkit Server?

Australian TekkitOur Equivalent Exchange-activated Australian Tekkit Server brings all the action and excitement of the popular multiplayer port to the Technic mod. Tekkit brings a host of new technological options to SMP, adding several new dimensions to the already acclaimed game. Anybody with a keyboard and mouse can click and mine and craft a diamond pickaxe. Our Australian Tekkit Servers brings the challenges and mastery of the Technic mods closer to home. Build intricate and original machines to automate the mining process, manufacture helpful materials, or build an elite supercomputer to run the operation! Tekkit has no ends, the possibilities are as myriad as you can imagine them to be.

We like to think of our Australian Tekkit Server as a Community.

The creating, building, manufacturing, and exploring of the Tekkit universe are only one aspect of the game. Using the , you get the chance to work with other Aussies on collaborative projects as mighty and unique as you plan them out to be. All of this action takes place on the Australian Tekkit server, close by and maintained with the player’s interests at heart. How many times have you been face-to-face with a Creeper that wasn’t there two seconds ago when the lag spiked? Our local connection ensures that problem is nothing but a former woe in the fantastic world of Minecraft Tekkit. Join the excitement with like-minded Australian players and build mighty machines on the firm foundation of a community powered by the Australian Tekkit server. Make the world your own.

What am I Playing on the Tekkit Servers?

Tekkit serversIf you’re not familiar with the Minecraft universe, be prepared to immerse yourself in a world only limited by your imagination and your dedication. This sandbox release allows you to explore a 3D generated world, gather and harness unique resources and materials, craft enormous and sprawling masterpieces, and protect yourself against the threat of the vicious Creepers. Team up with dedicated players in the realm of multiplayer and turn a quiet weekend night into a dominion of excursion and innovation, shaping the world in your team’s image. You can enhance your game with mods, but typically mods and multiplayer gameplay don’t mesh well. One does not simply play multiplayer Minecraft with their own separate mods activated.

Will this Tekkit Server Enhance my Experience?

The answer is easy: play on the Australian Tekkit server and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind Tekkit server experience. With a donation to keep us going, you will have full access to our Tekkit server as much as you please. While there are several existing servers, the Australian Tekkit sever has a couple choice advantages. With our local proximity, you’ll never experience a painful lag or lack of teammates to adventure with. Along with our high-speed server, we run a community forum that enables Minecraft and Tekkit enthusiasts to stay in touch, organize games with specific parameters, or just chat about their Minecraft and Tekkit experiences and goals. Your donation will go immediately toward the cost of hosting the tekkit server. In order to make sure you have the best Minecraft Tekkit experience, we pay our Australian Tekkit server costs two to three months in advance, ensuring that we’ll be around for the future and you don’t have to worry about losing your games, your created worlds, your teammates, and your Minecraft Tekkit community. When you make your donation, we’ll never have a reason to disappear or diminish the high quality and standards we follow to give you the best Minecraft Tekkit experience in the world.

Visit our site and give us a try if you have never played before. We want to show you the best Minecraft mod hosted on the most reliable servers. Tekkit is a truly unique and exciting Minecraft experience that differs from anything else you’ve ever played. It’s a fantastic mod to a revolutionary game, and the Australian Tekkit server delivers it above and beyond satisfaction. We attempt to provide all players with a great gaming experience with every visit. If you like our service, be sure to tell your friends.

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